Variant Option Product Options Price not Change When Selecting Variations

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I use Variant Option Product Options and I selected the Auto Image on their Options.


The problem is when I click on image variations, the image and pricing not updating..


When I chose Standard Shopify Variations, it's working.


My site product page:



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Hi @marklloydbinar,

When you opt for standard Shopify variants, the product will automatically display the respective variant's images and pricing. This means that when a customer selects a variant, the images and prices will seamlessly update.


However, if you choose to utilize a third-party options app to create your product options, there won't be a direct connection between the options you create in the app and Shopify's variants. As a result, these options won't automatically fetch the variants' images and prices when selected on the product page.


Notably, only a select few product options apps offer the functionality to dynamically change images based on the selected options. Our Easify Product Options app is one such option. You can give it a try and refer to this guide to configure your options and ensure that the images correspond to the chosen selections. If you encounter any difficulties during setup, don't hesitate to reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for assistance.






Additionally, if you wish to adjust the prices based on the chosen options, you'll need to configure add-on prices or incorporate add-on products into your setup.


If you could share your specific expectations when using a third-party product options app, I'd be happy to provide more tailored solutions and step-by-step guidance 🤗.

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