Variants/Options App + Seal Subscriptions?

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So I have a site now through Shift4 that I am trying to get migrated over to Shopify. My main source of revenue is a tailored mystery box that I sell customers on a recurring order basis, so subscription functionality is 100% necessary for this change over. I am using Seal Subscriptions as I like the features and love the price.

However, I also absolutely need customers to be able to use text boxes and check boxes for the items they want included in the box. Currently I am using "Variant Option Product Options by Best".

Everything is going great. Except....apparently my Variants app is interfering with the checkout. I have the subscription option available on the product page, I have dynamic payment turned off, but when I complete checkout with a test order, it does not create a subscription. It is only making a regular order.


I have reached out to Seal who says that the options app.

From Seal:

Subscription apps need the selling_plan property, which is included and dynamically generated in your product form.

And what I figured out is that the issue is actually caused by your "Product Options" app, which is taking control over how products are being added to the cart.

The script that causes this issue is


I am in contact with the developer for the options app too, but they have basically so far said 

Hi, I’m sorry, because we don’t know much about subscription order, can you record us a video where you test the subscription order?


So my question is, does anyone currently have a variants option app that is working with Seal Subscriptions? Or any insight on how I can make the one I have work?


Here are screenshots from my current site showing the type of functionality I need. 


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