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We are trying to find an app that would be useful for creating a mystery box from your inventory totaling a certain price (very specific). Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  •             We would like the customer to add "Box A" into their cart and then have a random assortment of items put into that box totaling a certain price point.

Also any handy inventory management apps that would be welcomed as well.



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Hey Kawaii Bites,

We created a Mystery Box app and you can do things like collect emails while your customer plays a Mystery Box game, charge customers to pay to play the game, create a full product Mystery Box page and other features. 

Here is the Shopify app link -

Also I would suggest Stocky for an inventory app, they have a lot of features to help maintain your inventory levels but it could be a bit pricey. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.



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We have deployed a solution similar to your requirements for an apparel customer. This will pick the items based on the current inventory level and preset price levels. There are two ways to pick the items that one from the Shopify store itself or from the ERP. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about the app. 


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@sysoptions Could you share more about the solution you mentioned?