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Hi... Need a bit of help finding a solution to this.


I know that I can use Bold Custom Pricing to allow VIP customers to login and get VIP pricing (20%off) on products … but they can’t seem to apply a conditioning where on already discounted items the greater discount applies… not in addition.


I’ll explain in more detail.


All VIP’s receive 20% Off Normal Retail Prices

If a VIP wants to purchase a product that is discounted more than 20% (their VIP discount) they will receive the greater discount.



  • VIP Discount is 20%
  • Current sale discount on item 30%
  • VIP customer receives the greater discount of 30% off

A VIP customer can’t get an additional 20% discount on a product that already has discount applied.


On the other side of things:

If VIP customer wants to buy product that is 10% off Normal Retail Price, they will get 20% off Normal Retail Price – because VIP discount (20%) is greater than the sale discount


So basically, a VIP will get 20% off any Normal Retail Price unless it is greater than 20%


Do you know if there is any app than can support these conditions?




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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @AR20,


Nick here from Shopify. Really great question! 


Other than the Bold Custom Pricing app, I did see another custom pricing app that might be able to do what you need called Wholesale & Custom Pricing which might be able to do what you're looking for.  Wholesale & Custom Pricing mentions how they work and they're available for support in their bio. It could be worth reaching out to them directly to see if this is something they can do, and if not, perhaps ask about a feature request for the future. 



Something else to possibly consider is a lock style app which would only allow certain people (VIP members for example) into certain areas of the store or be able to purchase certain products. It might not be an exact solution, but it could involve a potential workaround to get what you need. You can see a couple of the most popular lock apps below: 


Let me know if you think this could possibly work. 


All the best, Nick

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