want to add a shop feature in existing laravel application

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I am trying to add a shop feature in my existing laravel application. this shop module is not in my main page instead i want to get it on another route let's say /store.

So i created a route with /store in my app with shopify auth-middleware. Kept my shopify configuration file as it is just changing the key and secret etc from the shopify app that i created. so in the app url i have added https://mydomain/store and in redirect url i have added https://mydomain/authenticate. ive also tried the redirect url as https://mydomain/store/authenticate.

when i try to install the store on my app, first it took to my website and then it redirect back to shopify partner page and it says the app is under revision. 

After 2 days it's still not working and now when i try to to install store on my app, it redirect and come back with the request does not found. 

well what i want to accomplish is to install a store on my existing laravel app at the /store route. where users can buy products while making online payments. 

Can anyone help to resolve this issue. Thanks!





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