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Warehouse management app - different delivery dates based on e.g. primary and secondary warehouse

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I am looking for an app/ external software that will help me to solve this issue.

We would like to have (at least) two warehouses:
1st - in our main office, so the items will be shipped with the same day deliver/ same day shippment
2nd - manufacturer or wholesale warehouse. Here we will have two options:
-- option 1: product is available and will be shipped to our warehouse in x days
-- option 2: product is not available and will be available in y days

So the app/ software should be able to:
- integrated with Shopify
- present the information on the shop website based on agreed rules (mentioned above)
- import data from xml/ csv
- select different 2nd warehouse for each product (product A from warehouse A; product B from manufacturer B)

We are in the middle of our journey so we do not have enough funds (and scale) to invest in world-class ERP system

thanks for your help!

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Hi Piotr,

Your business seems like a very good fit for our new analytics and AI prediction platform for Shopify

We will launch in few weeks the platform that would enable you to understand stock levels + using our build-in AI prediction algorithms to predict how the demand for each product would looks like and based on that optimize your stock and procurement processes. 

If you are interested, we can have a chat to see, if your exact need would be fulfilled by Nostradamus. Drop me a Direct Message.

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@JozefBalazunfortunately, it's not solving our problem


I would like to rephrase my issue:

I would like to create dedicated rules based on the product availability in my warehouses.
Let's assume that I will have two warehouses - HQ Warehouse and Secondary Warehouse
  1. If I have selected a product in HQ Warehouse, on the product page should be information: Quick delivery
  2. If the item will be available in Secondary Warehouse, on the product page should be information: 1-week delivery
  3. If the item is available in both (see point #1)
  4. If the product is not available, on the product page should be information: Product on demand 
  5. I assume the have more "secondary warhouses" than just one.

So to sum up: such rules should vary on warehouses, stocks and product vendor

I guess that there is maybe some tool that can leverage metafield + custom logic to help me?
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@piotr_h wrote:
I guess that there is maybe some tool that can leverage metafield + custom logic to help me?

@piotr_h Usemechanic app to script business logic automations



A point you need to clarify is where this data is data|displayed|selected at different points in your description.

If you mean inventory data in the shopify admin using multiple locations and showing the stock on the storefront of the online store channels you'll probably also need a theme customization to work with your custom business rules beyond the standard store availability guide on

The complication is if other warehouses are not on shopify and you need to communicate with their backend api that typically indicates you need an app.


For a solution like this contact me at with details or docs, to either setup a consult, do deeper discovery, or setup an MVP.


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AppJetty’s Delivery Date App provides an intuitive backend to help you stay on top of your customers’ orders. Besides, selecting delivery date and time flexible for customers, it also lets you manage cut-off time for orders, same-day delivery, and customize the delivery date picker. Make delivery date selection optional or compulsory and preset default delivery dates with the delivery app.

Hope this helps! 

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