We have developed a plugin and ask you to test it for free and create honest reviews to improve

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Hi everyone! 

I'm Eliza. My back end development team is have recently created a platform for data analysis for e-commerce projects.

An idea came up to test the hypothesis on a large e-commerce platform. We chose shopify - a convenient api and a live audience all over the world. We started with a popular and simple tool - discounted pop-ups.

Now we want to get feedback and understand who needs it and how to improve the project?

Your feedback on the plugin is very important to us - how convenient and useful it is. Testing is free.

Link to free plugin testing https://apps.shopify.com/ai-pop-ups


What's the idea:

By subscription, you have a set of professional banners for which you receive the client's email address, in return you give him a discount on the first purchase in the range from 1% to the value in% that you yourself configure. Thus, you help him make a purchase.

Discounts are created automatically in the shopify admin panel and are applied when the user goes to the shopping cart.

E-mail addresses are added in the customers section and we save them as a customer subscribed to the newsletter.

Statistics are collected and processed using neural networks.

Colors, pictures, text and discounts - these parameters are ultimately configured in an optimal way using the analysis on the platform.

As a result: Banners after several hundred impressions begin to appear in those parts of the screen where it is easier for your users to click on the button and enter their data.

Thanks for the help and reviews everyone!


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