Web Pixel app extension doesn’t update automatically on deploy

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Hi, yesterday I created a new web pixel app extension, and when I first deployed it I ran the webPixelCreate mutation to create a pixel on my development store. When I deployed a new version of the extension it didn’t update on my development store, even after a few hours. Eventually I just tried to run the webPixelUpdate mutation because I was out of options, and that worked. Is this expected behavior? Because the docs for webPixelUpdate state that it is only used to update the web pixel settings, not the actual code. I followed a shopify article on how to setup the web pixel, but did I do something wrong? Does this mean we have to run the webPixelUpdate mutation for all stores that have our app installed every time we make a change?

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I'm experiencing the same issue. Even when creating a new extension version and "publishing" it the code does not update in the dev store. I've been uninstalling and re-installing the app in the merchant store to get it to work, I'll try the webPixelUpdate mutation but I agree that seems like a workaround.

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Did you end up figuring this out? The webPixelUpdate mutation hasn't been working for me.


I also have been uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it's so frustrating.

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Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to work in the dev environment. I ended up just writing the code without testing it, and when the app was approved and I installed the app on a non-development store the updated code was being loaded in. So far everything seems to work normally on client stores, but still not in my dev environment...

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The mutation webPixelUpdate required the webPixel id while calling.
Please see the below it helps.

const settings= {setting1:setting1Val, setting2:setting2Val,...};
const webPixel = await client.query({
      data: {
        "query": `mutation webPixelUpdate($id: ID!, $webPixel: WebPixelInput!){
          webPixelUpdate(id: $id, webPixel: $webPixel) {
            userErrors {
            webPixel {
        "variables": {
          "id": webPixelID,
          "webPixel": {
            "settings": settings
    console.log("=== webPixelUpdate ===",webPixel.body.data.webPixelUpdate)
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No dice, running that mutation after deploying a new version of my pixel extension does not cause the extension code to immediately update in browser.  I've also tried running mutations to delete and recreate the pixel in my dev store which also had no effect. 

My changes seem to show up within a couple of minutes, but it is frustrating.  I need to console.log a version number that I increment after every build and deploy to ensure the behavior I'm seeing in browser is from my latest version 😠.

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@kajderuyter  @weotch   any one has completed the web pixel ? i want to add some code on checkout steps how I can do that.?

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Running into the same issue and it's basically blocking us from testing our web pixel before deployment. The current work around we're using is to code the web pixel in the app, and then copy/paste the code into a custom pixel in our development store, replacing all the settings fields with the expected values. We can't test that the install works (we've changed the settings fields so it won't install at all anymore because it thinks they shouldn't exist), but at least we could move forward in developing the pixel itself and testing it with the relevant events. 

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You can try to turn off the Development store preview. it's worked for me.