Web pixel extension app does not appear in Customer Events admin page of the Development Store

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Hi !

I have create a new Web Pixel extension with Cli 3 and default template.
I have updated the scope.
I have build and deploy the app.
I have published the extension as 0.1.0 and activate it for development store.
I have installed the application on the development store.
I can see the pixel scope requirement during the app installation.

But, the pixel installation does not appear in the Customer Events admin page of the Development Store.

What else do we need to do?

Thank you for your help.


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Hi All,


I'm facing the same issue by following this article https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/marketing/pixels/getting-started but it didn't work. can anyone have any idea to solve this issue.


Many Thanks

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Hey there ! 


Same for me here. I created an app through Shopify CLI, I can see that the app is created and installed on my dev store. I can also see the web pixel created in the settings of the dev store. But there is no sign of it when I go to the store front of this dev store. 


Any idea why? 


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Hi Rayvvond,

Can you make sure inside scope you have : "read_customer_events,write_pixels"

some people mistaken the write_products with write_pixels