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Web to Print Proofing

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for an app or group of apps that allows for my customer to upload a print ready pdf (marketing towards designers) and have a button which would display a proof of said document. The proof isn't anything special, it would just be a pop-up with the contents of the pdf they uploaded pasted onto a template. For example, if they uploaded a pdf of their business card, for the contents to be put onto a business card sized rectangle, to make sure they understand what the product is they'll be recieving.

Another inquiry I have is whether there's any way for my customer to upload their print ready document, and once paid for, for that document to be sent to a printer automation workflow. 

I'm essentially aiming for as little human interaction with the store as possible, so I can focus on the printing and shipping aspect of their purchases.

Thanks in advance,

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I think Smart Customizer app should work for you. At least the part about a client uploading their own design and then customizing it on a product is really nice there.