What alternatives are there to the TryNow app for regular Shopify stores?

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We are interested in adding a Try Now - Pay Later functionality to our store. I found this app "TryNow" which provides technology to online retailers that use Shopify Plus to let their customers receive and try out apparel, return what they don’t want and pay only for what they keep. But they are only available on Shopify Plus. Is there any other similar app that's available to regular Shopify stores that might not be ready for Shopify Plus yet? 

It's different from AfterPay, Affirm or other Buy Now / Pay Later installment payment solution. Amazon Wardrobe would be the closest to the experience: customers get to try merchandise and only pay for what they decide to keep and return the rest.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Hey! Did you finally installed TryNow? In that case, how is it working for you? What are the fees they charge you? 

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TryNow usually takes a cut of every order.

Alternatively, TryOnify (https://www.tryonify.com/) offers similar functionality but charges a set fee and doesn't take a cut of each order.

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Hi Oplus! We at Trynow.com worked with Shopify for a few years to build natively into Shopify Checkout leveraging a vaulted card. Let us know if you'd like help onboarding!