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What alternatives to the Stocky app can improve inventory management?

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We have issues with the stocky app and question whether this is the only app and best way to receive inventory. We have huge problems reporting and recording inventory and invoices to our quick books accounting software. We have ruled out A2X app and others for instance. We are unsure we are reporting accurate cost of goods and need help analyzing the way we have set up our inventory intake  and use of Quick books accounting with this shopify pos system
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Hi there @pratiksri 

Inventory management is vital to customer service since it enables you to avoid fault, such as letting customers order items out of stock. A good inventory management system will also allow you to keep track of production and backorders, so you can inform your customers of the time the product will be in stock. In case you are looking for an alternative to the Stocky app, kindly take a look at our list: 32+ Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps and pick the most suitable app for your business.

Hope it helps!

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.

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Hello Pratiksri:

While I can’t help you with the PO receiving and QuickBooks integration issues, I can suggest our Cohub Inventory app for improving the accuracy of your inventory quantities. Obviously, you need item quantities to be spot-on for subsequent value calculations to be reliable.

We include a smartphone app that makes stocktakes easier and less error prone, e.g. you can quickly scan barcodes with the phone’s built-in camera, no additional hardware required. You can even invite other smarthphone-wielding users to help with the inventory count.

The Cohub Inventory Admin on Shopify provides total inventory values by location so you should be able to compare those numbers with what you see in QuickBooks.

And, we'll soon release our Time Travel feature that lets you see inventory values on any given day in the past, useful for tracking down where things may have gotten off track. I bet your financial folks and accountant will appreciate that.

Here’s a quick video overview of how it works and the Shopify App Store page if you want to try it out.

Wish you the best!


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Hi there! Sean from the team.

Without having a larger conversation about what you're working on and the problems you're running into, I think Shopventory may be a good "app" addition to your Shopify store.

You made a comment about cost management: Shopventory tracks COGS on a lot-by-lot basis. If you receive a batch of product at $5/unit but the previous batch was $6/unit, Shopventory will retain the $6 cost and dynamically switch to the $5 cost when the first batch has sold through, following FIFO (you can switch to LIFO or even use Average COGS). 

Again, lots more to dig into but I hope this helps! Shopventory has a 30 day free trial if you want to take a look and feel free to email if you have more questions or want to jump on the phone 🙂

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Yeah, as a business owner/operator, the last thing I want to do is spend an entire day browsing through apps to see if they'll do what I need. STOCKY is the best I have found so far and it's free with a Shopify account but there's one important thing it doesn't do: Allow you to enter custom LOW INVENTORY ALERTS. Instead it tells me that every single item I have in inventory is LOW when I don't care about half those products because they're custom order items or things I don't stock on shelf. 

The perfect combination for me is STOCKY + STOCKBOT. Stockbot allows me to get custom low level item thresholds and disable specific products that I don't want alerts for. Problem with Stockbot is that it doesn't allow me to generate purchase orders. Why can't Stocky allow me to disable certain products...?? ARGH!!!

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You are 100% on the restock levels. We had to develop the option ourselves for a couple of clients as there is no field in Shopify for it so we set the levels in our system and then generate report based on when the stock drops below that level. 



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I'll toot my own horn here because my app Horse is probably the only application out there similar to Stock. It's built exclusively for Shopify and does everything that Stocky can do, but better. It's also not limited to just POS. I'd love to hear any feedback that you have about it!

Check out why Shopify store owners are switching to Horse for all of their inventory management needs.

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Hey @pratiksri, you may have already found a new solution, although people searching this question should consider some of the new updates within Stocky, and if you are looking to upgrade to a full WMS then you should consider SKUSavvy. 


SKUSavvy is a lightweight WMS for Shopify that will provide all the capabilities of Stocky in a single mobile accessible platform. You'd replace the following capabilities:

  • Inventory Sync: Both platforms have direct stock sync with your Shopify inventory in near real-time
  • Products vendors and suppliers: what is currently held as a vendor to a product in Shopify will come over into SKUSavvy, so you'll have vendor/product/cost available. Stocky currently uses supplier and vendor to organize this information.
  • Purchase Orders: Purchase orders are created and managed in SKUSavvy with communication to your vendors built in. The PO process has workflows on each side to mark as delivered, count, and allocation.
  • Check-in: Your new inventory is brought into the warehouse through a mobile scannable check-in and digital view of where the inventory belongs on a map of your warehouse with easy scan and allocation in bulk
  • Inventory: Managed directly with SKUSavvy to visual bin locations. Use bin to bin replenishments and automated bin stocking to move inventory around. Create stock takes and remove inventory with reasoning similar to Stocky.
  • Transfers: moving stock between locations includes workflows for staff in the warehouse as well as creation of these movements directly in SKUSavvy

Things SKUSavvy includes:

  • Fulfillment: designed to help you fulfill many orders quickly while keeping your whole inventory up to date across the pick-pack-ship process
  • Warehouse Management: build your warehouses into a digital 3D model and store inventory as well as to have routed pick paths highlighted during fulfillment
  • Shipping: connected directly with your carriers 
  • Order Management: Bring over orders and make edits directly within the platform

For many merchants Stocky will work great, for those of your needing something more on the warehouse management side that works perfectly with Shopify and will serve as a good replacement to Stocky check out SKUSavvy

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Hi @kingstore , I would like to know if this app could solve the issue I have. I need all the products from my different stores (I have 3 stores) to merge into one inventory so that I only have to upload the products once. I have a good amount of products that are shared between my stores. Currently, I use stocky and upload my products through Shopify on each store. 

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@CloeG you can connect multiple Shopify stores into SKUSavvy and have these stores share a global inventory. This is an advanced feature that requires a implementation to connect the stores internet

The best Shopify Inventory Management App: Purchases, Bin Locations, Visual Inventory, Warehouse Management, Pick Pack Ship, Cycle Counts, and more.
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