What app allows setting minimum purchase orders for a pizza business?

What app allows setting minimum purchase orders for a pizza business?

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I am looking for a widget/app that will allow me to implement a minimum purchase order on my website. I am direct-to-consumer frozen pizza business and I am looking for a set up where customers need to buy a minimum of 4 pizzas.

Additionally, I need this widget/app to let me add flat rate shipping costs for order between 4-7 pizzas and free shipping on 8+ pizza orders.

Alternatively, I could also implement a minimum purchase dollar amount. Almost exactly what www.nicks.com uses where the user needs to order enough product to hit the $50 minimum requirement. Does anyone know which app this is?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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For setting a minimum purchase order, the Shopify Shipping profiles + DC Order Limits app could work for you:


1. Minimum Purchase Quantity:
- Create a New Rule: Navigate to the DC Order Limits section in your store's admin dashboard and create a new order limit rule.
- Set Minimum Quantity: In the rule details, set the "Minimum Quantity" to 4. This ensures customers need to buy at least 4 pizzas.



2. Flat Rate and Free Shipping:
- You can manage your shipping costs directly within Shopify using shipping profiles. Follow the steps outlined in this guide: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/setting-up-and-managing-your-shipping/shipping-profiles
- Set up different shipping rates based on the quantity of pizzas:
- Flat Rate for 4-7 Pizzas: Create a shipping rate that applies to orders of 4-7 pizzas.
- Free Shipping for 8+ Pizzas: Set up another shipping rate for orders of 8 or more pizzas.


3. Minimum Purchase Dollar Amount:
- If you prefer to set a minimum dollar amount, you can adjust the settings in the DC Order Limits app:
- Set Minimum Price: In the rule configuration form, specify the minimum total price of the cart (e.g., $50).


Let me know if this helps!
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