What app can recommend garden bed frame size and components?

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Looking for an app that would allow you to fill in your garden bed size – width / length / height, and then it suggests what frame and/or components you need


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I don't think such an application is available in Shopify Apps. You are probably looking for a Custom build app specifically tailored to your requirements.

You can find app developers at https://experts.shopify.com/

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What a fab thread! Planning a garden bed frame can be a real head-scratcher, huh? But fear not, because we're all here to lend a hand!

When it comes to sizing up your garden bed frame, it's like the old saying: measure twice, cut once! You want to make sure you've got the perfect fit for your veggies to thrive. Now, I ain't no expert, but have y'all checked out scottsofthrapston.co.uk? They've got some nifty garden bed frames and loads of helpful tips on sizing and components. Might be worth a gander!

Now, I'm curious to hear from y'all: What's your go-to method for sizing up a garden bed frame? Any tips or tricks you swear by? Let's swap some green-thumb wisdom!