What app can send automatic order and shipping updates via email?

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Hi I am looking for an app which will send customers emails of when the item shipped, when the tracking is available (so sends them the tracking number when it is added) and then will automatically send them tracking updates of where their item is along its journey?


Does this sort of app exist and if so can anyone point me in the correct direction please? 


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Sure, it sounds like you're looking for an app that can handle the entire shipping notification process, from sending initial shipment confirmations to providing tracking updates to customers automatically. While Campaigner is primarily an email marketing platform, it might not offer the specific tracking functionalities you're looking for.

Instead, you might want to consider using a dedicated shipping and tracking management platform like ShipStation, Shippo, or Easyship. These platforms integrate with various e-commerce platforms and carriers to streamline the shipping process, including sending automated tracking updates to customers via email or SMS. They typically offer features such as batch printing shipping labels, generating tracking numbers, and providing real-time tracking updates to customers.

Before suggesting Campaigner, I would recommend researching these shipping management platforms to see which one best fits your needs for tracking and communicating shipping updates to your customers.

candy O smith