What apps can provide a report on items sold and group them?

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Its pretty simple, we sell T-shirt with various size and colors. I need a report where I can get a total amount of that variant with a period of time group together. I know it out there but it hard wording it correctly


In example, I wanted to gather all the orders for the month and see what sold all together so i can order it and print them..


Sold January 1-31

Designs: ABBA






I see a report called Net sales without cost its pretty close but its list items per line and we have to group them and not make a mistake. I figure there someone that made prettier report out there?



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Hello @Jargonsix ,

I see that you require reports detailing all the orders for the month, organized by variants and grouped by each variant.

However, there are certain limitations with default Shopify reporting. We suggest Report Pundit for more advanced reports that offer the data customizations you need.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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Hi @Jargonsix I can suggest having a look at our app, Datma, for such reports and analysis. 


From your post, I understand that you're looking for reports on variant sales. With Datma, you can create such a custom report and it would look something like in the picture below (in the picture I only included the various variant data you can select, additional product-specific data and numerous metrics are also available such as units sold, variant revenue, etc):




I invite you to check out our Shopify Apps listing for more info. You can also book a demo and someone from the team will show you Datma's reports in more detail.


I hope this helps 🙂