What are my options regarding customer group discounts and discount codes?

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I have painstakingly spent the last year migrating to Shopify from BigCommerce. So for I love the platform and have been able to work arounds any differences/issues that I have found. That is until now. We have a number of discount groups that receive various discounts from many different collections. This was handled in BigCommerce using Customer Groups which is a standard feature there. In addition we also use Smile Rewards APP and those rewards come in the form of discount coupons. In Shopify we are using Bold Custom Pricing to emulate the customer groups based on customer tags and that does that job perfectly but because it uses draft orders the customers with those tags are no longer able to even see never mind use the discount coupons that they have earned. This is quite frustrating and upsetting some of our absolute best customers. We are also using Stock and Buy APP for inventory control so switching to the  "variant" option in the Bold Custom Pricing APP is not a viable option because it would add at least 30k product variants that I do not think would be manageable as far as I can tell.

What are other options that I may not be aware of? Is there an Customer Group APP or Discount Tier APP that will allow me to create multiple collections discounts for multiple customer groups that will still allow those customers to use discount codes and not multiply my variants exponentially?


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What about tagging customers to organize them into groups?

So you could do this:

1) Tag the customers you want to put in the group

2) On the Customers page, filter the customers by that tag

3) Save the filter (which creates a "group")

4) Create a new discount and limit to that customer group

Reference for customer groups: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/customers/manage-customers#create-customer-groups

Side idea for step 1: If you want to automatically tag customers on new orders, Order Automator can do that. If you want to tag all past customers using rules, or need customizations with that app let me know, I'm the lead developer of it 😁


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Thanks, but I am fairly sure that Shopify only allows one automatic discount at a time. I would need far too many for this to work.



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I also need multiple automatic discounts. It is astonishing that such a ecommerce site doesn't allow it. Please let me know if you have found a work around. Thanks. 

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Hey Marc, you can use Simple Discounts to create customer group discounts applied to specific collection(s). The tiered / quantity break feature allows you to create the discount tiers by specifying the quantity required from the collection(s) and a discount value. Then you can select the customer tag, e.g. VIP or Wholesale, to make sure that only a specific group can redeem the discount. The discount can be applied automatically or via code. Also, the app runs on Shopify Function and does not use draft orders. 

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