What are the best email marketing apps for upselling?

What are the best email marketing apps for upselling?

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Hi! What are some good apps which can support on email marketing and upselling? Thanks

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You can try Klaviyo as it's very popular with Shopify merchants.



Hope this helps



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https://apps.shopify.com/run-viral-contests-giveaways — A great way for you to get more email signups for your email marketing

https://apps.shopify.com/klaviyo-email-marketing — A great platform to actually send out email marketing campaigns

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Hi @brookie08 

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You can use Klaviyo: Email, SMS & Forms app

Especially, PageFly integrates with Klaviyo, you can not only build a beautiful, high-converting store with PageFly but also use Klaviyo to implement email marketing campaigns for your store. 

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Hello @brookie08

You can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillionIt is an all-in-one app with integration that will prove to be best in terms of reaching your customers and that would avoid customers spamming. It has powerful customer segmentation, custom drag and drop email editor, AI-enabled email scheduling, which can help you to send targeted emails, other than that it also has workflow automation. You can use this platform to send emails based on their buying behavior along with all these features, it also has prebuilt workflow and templates. Not only this, it has many other features like loyalty and reward points, reviews, web push notifications, chatbot, and many more.



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For email marketing try Klaviyo or Shopify Email.

For upsell, try Spently which uses your shop's 'notification' emails to upsell customers.

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Hey! I see you have already received some great advice on email marketing apps. Once you start sending out email campaigns, you should also make sure that people can easily reach out to you if they want to have more information.

For this, check out the HelpCenter App. With HelpCenter you can easily build an excellent FAQ page, use helpdesk ticketing system to keep all your communications with customers organised (and have access to their previous inquiry and purchase history), and you can also add a live chat option to your store.

And of course, if you ever feel that you want to boost your email marketing efforts, SMS marketing could be the way to go. For example, Senderium app is a useful tool to get your head around how you could benefit from using SMS messaging to communicate with your customers.


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Hi @brookie08 

If you haven't found an effective email marketing app yet, my suggestion is ManySales.

This app provides many beautiful email templates for different marketing purposes, to simplify your process of preparing email content. If you want to boost your marketing efforts, there are many great features in this platform that help you to communicate with your customers automatically and effectively. Besides, you can also check the performance of your email marketing campaigns and test those strategies to figure out the best one.

There is a free plan that you can try now! 

Hope this app can be the one that you're searching for. Thanks

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Hi Brookie,

You might want to check out Marsello, we're the all-in-one marketing platform for Shopify. Our app includes email campaigns and automations, allowing you to contact your customers at just the right time. Our app also includes a bunch of other features, including SMS and a loyalty program that works online and in-store.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch by emailing support@marsello.com or check out our app.



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Hi, check out this app Thank You Email Marketing Tool, it's free, easy to set up, this will automatically send a thank-you email after customers subscribe or make a purchase, notify successful delivery, send promotion email recommend bestselling items, discount codes, etc 

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Hi @brookie08 

You can give a try to Klaviyo.

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There are various great apps that you can check out for upselling such as :
- Klaviyo, a popular app for Shopify merchants.
- An all-in-one Shopify AiTrillion app.
- Spently uses your shop’s ‘notification’ emails to upsell customers.
- For SMS marketing you can use the Senderium app, a useful tool.
- Bonjoro - a must try app for boosting repeat sales rates.

My personal recommendation would be Bonjoro tbh

It connects to your store to help you send personalised thank you videos to customers. The wow factor has a HUGE effect on repeat sales + upsells.

A ton of stores that I work with use it, and have seen c. 30% uplifts on average.

Give it a try.