What are the best minimalist pop-up apps for loyalty programs?

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Hello, I'm looking for an app recommendation.


I'm wanting some sort of minimalistic pop up to get people to sign up for a loyalty program that will automatically create them a personalised discount code for them to share with people then they get rewarded with points when someone uses that code. I'm not going to do email marketing campaigns or anything. Literally just looking for a system that can create automatic discount codes and a loyalty scheme management system. Preferably a free app as I'm a start up. Any advice would be great, thank you. 

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If you don't find anything like this on the market, let me know and I'll build it. I'm looking for something to sink my teeth into.

Email me for any inquiries ilia.reingold@gmail.com

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Hi @Kirstennamyy,


You can take Loloyal: Loyalty & Referrals into consideration. Loloyal helps boost customer retention rates and increases sales with powerful loyalty and rewards systems, such as points, referrals, rewards programs, VIP tiers, etc.


You can use Custom CSS function to build up the Launcher to attract your customers. Like one of our users do: 



Also, you can set up the discount rewards for your referring customers and their referred friends. Once your customers refer your store to their friends successfully, they and their friends can get the reward automatically.



Loloyal provides several plans, including Free Plan. Moreover, we provide discounts on Piad Plan now. You can install it free and get your loyalty program.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or customer services at Loloyal. We'd love to help.😊


Hope it helps!


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