What are the costs of plugins for beginner drop shippers on Shopify?

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I'm a beginner drop shipper but I'm not supscriped to Shopify yet I've a few questions to make sure what's more suitable for me as the website not giving too much details

The reason i choose Shopify is because I heard of it's automatiction ,

So which plugins on Shopify are free to use or included on the monthly plan?

When it comes to AliExpress


I wanna know that total price before beginning to set up by budget

So i wanna be sure what's free to use

And which plugins are separated of the monthly payment

And if the plugins requires paying so how much per month for each plugins

Please provide details as much as possible 🙂


And one more thing about the website how the design works?

Is it a default design or it there's a multiple designs and i choose or i can upload/edit my own designs?


Or for pre built designs can i edit some stuff like setting categories for the listed products?


And getting back to the plugins I've another question about two specific plugins

1/ Pick products from AliExpress i heard that's it's free but limited so how much it costs for unlimited or raise the limit?


And the tracking AliExpress stock or price updating that's the most important is this plugin free or not or how much it costs?


And if i wanted to make an Android or IOS App in the future it's possible or i don't have access to? 


In another words i need details about all the plugins because if i forgot to mention something or someone to chat with about my questions

Thanks for your support ♥️


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