What are the top food delivery apps for custom orders and route planning?

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We're looking to create a food delivery site for a client with a few parameters:

- customers can select items as a single order or subscription

- customers can create build-a-box which allows them to get a weekly box, the contents of which they can select each week and the admins can offer new options. Ideally this would be tiered (select 2 from group A, select 2 from group B, etc). Client would like this to be a fixed price box. 

- customers can select delivery date and time after the store providers delivery options related to their postal code

- admins need to be able to pull reports on inventory that is committed to upcoming subscriptions

- admins need to be able to plan routes for deliveries


We have tried Zapiet, Recharge and EasyRoutes for planning. I'm wondering if we've overlooked any app(s) that may help achieve what we're looking for. Thank you.

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