What are your top money-making apps for online stores?

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Let’s list some of our most useful Shopify apps that have either helped grow your store or bring more money in. I’ll start with one of my favorites coversion plus

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Hey @MadaraUchiha,

Thank you for this helpful step. I would love to contribute. 

Here are some of the best apps:

  1. iCart Upsell App
  2. Judge.me - Product Reviews
  3.  FOMO
  4. Referral Candy
  5. Booster: Page Speed Optimizer
  6. Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews UGC by Growave
  7. Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Hope this helps!!

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We have created a list of the Best Shopify Apps for each category, based on the customer reviews and experiences that we found. You can take a look at it here if it would help anyone: Best Shopify Apps in 2021  

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Hey @MadaraUchiha

Some of the useful and effective apps to optimize the conversions of the store:

Oberlo- Help to source a supplier.

AiTrillion- All in one Shopify app with all essential marketing features to scale your business and can save 96% of your monthly shopify app billing. (For Email marketing automation, loyalty reward program, reviews, referral program, affiliate marketing, web push notifications, LiveChat, Announcement Bar, Trust Badges, Report & Analytics, Shopify POS & many more).

Form Builder- Create a form on your site.

Instagram Feed- To enhance social media presence and social media conversions.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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I would bring out two apps that we have developed :

  • HelpCenter App for enhancing customer support from the moment customers reach your store
  • VertexSMS for improving your marketing strategy by integrating business SMS for building personal relationships with customers

As for some other great apps used by successful Shopify stores, check out our article and boost your store's growth.


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Hello @MadaraUchiha!

I'd like to highlight two Shopify apps that we designed & developed just for the forthcoming holiday season:

Offerbox - allowing your clients to simply discover and explore your discounts and special offers
Comity  -  for the purpose of scheduling social media updates and strategizing your marketing

Hope you will give both a try 👋 

Pasilobus, Inc - Shopify Experts -- www.pasilobus.com - Fast, efficient apps that do not slow down your store, Stellar support & Premier Services

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I will like to mention Collection Filters and Search bar - If you looking to add advanced filtering and search to your store.

Then my other favorite app will be Pagefly, it is very useful for merchants to be able to design their pages themselves and Pagefly just gives them that power.

Collins Mbaka
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Thank you @collinsmbaka for mentioning us!

It's an honor for us to recommend PageFly, Landing Page Builder app to create sale-boosting pages in this BFCM 2021!

With PageFly, customers can create a high-converting store in the Free plan without any coding skills! 

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, or even a Shopify Plus brand, with PageFly, you can publish high-quality pages and manage your site with confidence and utmost control. Upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time but still, keep your pages LIVE.

We are confident to be the right page builder for artists, coffee, beauty, pet care, food, fashion, supplement, home office, courses, fitness, and many other businesses. PLUS, to increase your ranking on search engines, you need a powerful, yet lightweight tool to improve your online presence and your page performance. And PageFly app is definitely a go-to!

And PageFly also integrates with many third-party apps:

  • Review apps: Ali Review, Opinew, Loox, Yotpo, Judge.me, etc
  • Product Options: Product Options and Customizers, Product Personalizer, Infinite Options, etc
  • Bundle: Bold Bundles, Wiser, Personalizer, etc

And many different categories!

Once you install our app, our support team will assist you 24/7 all along the way to help you create the best pages for your business. 

You can see what our customers talk about PageFly

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The current marketing environment offers merchants numerous opportunities to expand the functionality of their online stores. There's an app for that. Whether you want to manage deliveries, improve customer engagement, or increase sales, there's an app for that.


However, with so many options, it's difficult to predict which apps will make the most of a difference next year. So we've compiled a list of the best Shopify apps 2022 to help you sell, market, and grow.


This list is for you if you're just starting out or looking to expand your business.


1. CommerceXpand

2. Shopify Delivery Date Manager

3. Shopify Zipcode Validator

4. Shopify Language Translator

5. Shopify AusPost Shipping

6. Shopify Geolocation Redirect

7. Shopify Dropshipping


Take your time and investigate these apps. Examine their features and discover how they can assist you in streamlining your business requirements. Most importantly, put them to the test. You won't know if it's really helping your business unless you try. 

Improve your sales with AJ Delivery Date & Shipping

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Hi, the list of apps here can be very long, so I'll add two my favorites that are underestimated in my opinion:

HelpCenter  - I found it in comments recommended by other users, but still wanted to point out it's really helpful. All my support service relies on it and it has never let me down.

Trackr - Simple though useful app for order tracking.


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Hey @MadaraUchiha 


If you are an e-Commerce store advertising on Google ow want to start with Google Shopping, I would love to share a few apps for you:


1. Nabu for Google Shopping Feed, this app helps you send your feed to Google Merchant Center (Facebook and tik-tok coming soon). It helps with multi-language, and bulk edit and comes with great automation to update and maintain your feed.

2. Vault app if you want an app that can backup and restore your orders, customers, blogs, and other vital details that you need to backup.


Hope this helps

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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 - Try our Nabu for Google Shopping Feed from Shopify App Store. 

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I would like to recommend Chat Breezes - Market, sell & support better for social channels in an omnichannel platform. It unifies social conversations, better enable your marketing, sales or customer service conversations with your customers faster, sell via personalized messaging, and delivers excellent customer service. 

Chat Breezes - Market, sell & support better for social channels in an omnichannel platform