What B2B wholesale app do you recommend for a secure, low-cost integration?

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We already have a shopify site - which is set up to sell directly to customers - and majority of our business is B2C - however we currently have about 20 other outlets which sell through their physical stores.  So we are looking for recommendations of an app :

- which can integrate into our current site

- allow for payment by invoice rather than going through the payment gateway

- different pricing structure to our standard web prices

- secure and access maybe by password to our stockists - to allow our stockists to login and order through our website

- not expensive - as this is only a very small section of our website, we are looking for a relatively small, if any monthly charge.

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Hi @MKSoozie 


For your case, you can try our B2B/Wholesale Solution app & B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price


- B2B/Wholesale Solution: You can use this app to create different pricing for your B2B customers;

- B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price: This app allows only B2B customers to order from your website with a password.

These two apps offer a FREE trial of 14 days to download and try all the features. 


I hope that you find them useful! If you need further information, please let us know. We're happy to support you.

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For B2B use cases i recommend an app that can fully segregate your wholesale vs retail customers (so you can market to them separately / understand sales b2b vs retail / etc) in addition to solving B2B specific use cases like you mention (custom pricing, invoicing/terms, secure access, etc). 


As an ecommerce consultant I've worked with clients to solve these needs and cofounded sellifycrm.com which offers a B2B plan for Shopify stores for a low monthly charge for the basic plan. We connect to shopify to sync your products and inventory but fully segregate your b2b customers / sales and offer the abilities you mentioned.


If you or anyone else who comes across this thread is interested in a demo and trial period please contact us at sales@sellifycrm.com 

Adam Hurlburt | Cofounder & CTO of Sellify: a CRM & B2B Solution For Shopify Stores

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I am in the same boat. Is it rude to ask what you ended up using in the end?