What customer support apps do you prefer for online businesses?

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Hi everyone,

Which apps do you use for customer support? What do you like most about in these apps?

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A great solution for customer support is HelpCenter App

One of the app’s most commonly wanted features is helpdesk ticketing system, which enables to centralize all communications from different channels (email, Facebook Messeger, live chat) in one place. It is possible to add as many inboxes as needed as well as agents.HelpDesk also provides the option to easily access previous customer communication and purchase history, which helps to build business-customer relationships and improve the quality of customer support.

Two other features that HelpCenter offers are an FAQ builder that lets shop owners create a nice and convenient FAQ section on their store, and a Live Chat for real-time communication


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I'm using LiveChatAI since it is GPT-4 powered. It also has many integrations and is compatible with many platforms. ıt has AI bot to human agent handoff which is pretty handy when AI can't solve a problem.


You can check it out for inspiration maybe, it has a really friendly user interface.