What do you think is the best shopify order tracking app?

What do you think is the best shopify order tracking app?

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I'm using Parcel Panel, which basically meets my needs, batch order management, custom tracking page generation, custom order status, real-time shipping notifications, and has been integrated with multiple couriers.

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Hello @Alan666

Hope you are doing well, 


The app that you are using is a great app for order tracking but I can suggest with few more apps. Do check them out.

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Hi @Alan666 ,

I’m Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert at PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder.

You can try AfterShip and Omega to see whether they can meet your demand. 


Our app - PageFly has already integrated with these 2 apps so in case you want to freely edit and move the widget in your website, please give it a try.

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Hi Alan, 


Please pay your attention to this solution. 


Trackr app has all the functionality you have mentioned. In addition, we are about to launch  a convinient dashboard with all the tracking information at a hand. Easy to control how many trackings have been used, configure the conditions for auto top-up service if necessary. 




I wish prosperity to your business. 


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Hi Allan,

Order Status Tracker is a leading Shopify shipment tracking app. It offers all the features you currently use in Parcel Panel, such as bulk order management, a custom tracking page, and real-time shipping notifications.


However, Order Status Tracker offers some additional features that could level up your tracking game, such as unlimited custom statuses and integration with 1,180 carriers.


With Order Status Tracker, you can get 2,000 orders tracked for the same price as 1,000 orders on Parcel Panel, making it a more cost-effective option. Additionally, the app offers clear documentation and capable customer support teams that effectively address a range of complex inquiries.


Ultimately, the decision of which order tracking app to use will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


All the best!


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Hi @Alan666 , thank you for your recognition. Below is what ParcelPanel team wants to say to others who're reading this post.


 Parcel Panel has been dedicated to providing the best post-purchase experience for Shopify merchants in the past 5 years. Our app is intuitive and easy to use, popular among Shopify businesses of all sizes. ParcelPanel has the biggest user base among the top-rated solutions, as you can find from the screenshot below.


Parcel Panel was founded to make it easy for you to get return traffic and reduce WISMO (where is my order) calls by providing full visibility of the entire delivery journey, thereby improving customer experience and enhancing trust. A branded order tracking page that perfectly fits your store themes and brand color scheme is automatically generated as soon as you finish the installation of Parcel Panel. To learn more, visit our demo store. You may also google "Powered by ParcelPanel" to find out e-commerce stores that are using ParcelPan


Parcel Panel boasts comprehensive functionality and generous plans. If you choose the Essential plan ($9/month), our system can automatically keep track of 200 packages for you, keep your customers updated on the latest shipment status via email, allow you to display estimated delivery time and product recommendations on the order tracking page, and so on. As your order volume goes up, you can adjust the quota of the Essential plan. Say, you just need to pay $29/month for tracking 1,000 packages.


A lot of ParcelPanel users have witnessed our Upsell & Cross-Upsell features bring huge profits to them, which not just allows them to cover the cost of ParcelPanel plans but effectively increase the customer lifetime value and boost revenue.


Here is also an unbiased review on the best Shopify order tracking apps - 10 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps Reviews (2023) which will help you guys compare different solutions. 


If you want to find out whether ParcelPanel is right for your business, use this link to get a 30-day free trial (instead of the standard 7-day trial)!

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Trackr app is a highly recommended Shopify order tracking app. It offers a range of features and benefits, including easy installation, real-time tracking updates, customizable tracking pages, and email notifications. Its user-friendly interface and integration with multiple carriers make it a reliable choice for managing and tracking orders on Shopify.  

By utilizing the Trackr app, you can streamline order tracking, keep your customers informed, and provide a seamless and transparent tracking experience on your Shopify store.

If you find it useful, please indicate by liking or marking it as a solution! Looking for powerful Shopify apps to optimize your online store? Try Trackr for easy order tracking and fulfillment management and HelpCenter for a comprehensive knowledge base and customer support solution. These apps will help you streamline your store operations and provide excellent customer service.

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You should have a look at TrackIt.

A dedicated tracking app by BOA Ideas..