What does everyone use for Purchase Orders?

What does everyone use for Purchase Orders?

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Hi Guys


we run a drop shipping website, we currently use Full Shelf for our purchase orders (great app) 


However, We use Xero Bridge to link to Shopify. The problem we have is Xero bridge wont read the full shelf app, so the problem I am having is my shipping cost, that I pay to my supplier, is never recorded, throwing out figures out.


Anyone have this problem? Why don't Shopify have a built in purchase order system? it baffles me

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We use Finale Inventory for purchase orders, sales orders for wholesale customers, and for inventory management.  It integrates with Amazon, Shopify and ShipStation.  We house our own inventory in our own warehouses, so we only issue POs periodically when we bring in new containers.  We have had a great experience with Finale and their staff is very helpful.

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Hi @gazzzzzer ,

We have a supply planning app for mostly inventory keeping businesses to forecast and better plan their next purchases. 

The app comes with Purchase Order functionality as well. You can create POs and track incoming inventory, share with your warehouse or supplier. 

There are more features coming up in the next weeks but if you want, you can give it a try now: https://apps.shopify.com/fabrikator

It doesn't make any changes to your store, you can try it with the peace of mind. 

Let me know if you have any feedback or additional requests!

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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders can definitely meet your shop's needs. It allows you to set up suppliers and import products and set cost prices. You can then automatically generate purchase orders from orders your customers make and it will import all of the items they order and their address and email it to your supplier. It can also handle splitting orders into multiple POs where the items have different suppliers. This should help you reduce time spent fulfilling orders and eliminate mistakes.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions