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What does the standard install process for a Shopify app mean?

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Getting Issue while Reviewing Shopify app

Here is the issue mentioned by Shopify reviewing team.

"When encouraging a merchant to install additional apps or connect the app to another store, apps must use the standard install process initiated from the app listing. You can't request a merchant's URL".

What does that mean?

Here is the current workflow

- User comes to our portal and enters his store domain URL:
- Then we are creating a link with the store domain: and redirect the user to this URL where he can authenticate by login and then install the app.
- After clicking the Install app we are requesting an access token with this URL:
- Then using that access token we are fetching the orders of the merchant/user.

Thanks in advance!

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As per the Shopify app requirement, you cannnot ask the user to enter their Shopify domain. All the installation process most be initiated within Shopify. 
After a merchant clicks the link to install your app, your app receives a GET request on the app URL path that you specified in the Partner Dashboard. Requests to this URL path from a merchant who is logged into the Shopify App Store include the shoptimestamp, and hmac query parameters.
You need to flow the OAUTH authentication process as described by Shopify here.

  1. The merchant sends a request to install the app. (This sends a request to the App installation endpoint).
  2. App installation endpoint will then redirects the request to the Shopify admin API, with the required scopes, and a redirect_link. 
  3. Then Shopify will show a prompt to the user to review the scopes and authorize the installation request.
  4. Then the Shopify admin API sends a request to the app.
  5. The app endpoint then validates the request from Shopify and sends a request back to Shopify admin API to get an access token.
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Thank for the reply, but there are many references where the merchant can enter his store name, and then we can redirect him to Shopify App for the merchant installation process. From there he can choose to install or cancel.



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I'm also facing same issue. Have you found any solution regarding this?

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We are in the same boat. Can anyone please give a solution for this? As our app is still not listed on the Shopify app store, there is no app install link or page in the Shopify app store. With our current application, we are taking the store name as input and then proceeding with the authentication part. But, Shopify rejected our app for this flow, they are saying that all the must be installed via the app store.

How to achieve this?