What email marketing app utilizes store's cookies for abandoned cart follow-ups?

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I currently use omnisend as my email marketing app within my store. Currently when a customer abandons a cart, I can only contact them if they've signed up through an omnisend pop up form OR clicked a link from one of the omnisend emails to the website. 


The number of people signing up to my stores pop ups isn't capturing all 100% of visitors (actually around 2%) so if the remaining 98% abandon a cart, they will never be contacted regardless if they've already accepted my stores non-essential cookies!



I want to find an emailing app that uses the store's cookies opposed to their own through a marketing app. Does such a thing exist, if so I'd be so grateful if you could share?

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Hi @philiptod ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Here are some alternatives to capture a wider audience:

  1. Optimize Omnisend: Use single opt-in for signups and explore exit-intent popups to capture emails before cart abandonment.

  2. Consider Shopify Email: Shopify's built-in email allows sending abandoned cart emails without relying on separate cookies (but has limited features compared to Omnisend).

  3. Shopify Apps: Explore abandoned cart recovery apps that might use on-site messages and other strategies alongside email capture.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Hello, Team Omnisend here! 


We'd love to see if we can do anything to help you get the most out of Omnisend. Please reach out to our Support Team at support@omnisend.com or through the in-app chat on our platform. They'll dive into the details and help you with your specific needs. 


In the meantime, you can turn on push notifications in your store and add a push notification block to cart abandonment automation. This way, you can send them to customers when they abandon their carts. 


By the way, Omnisend cookies are also added to customer browsers when they sign up or log in to your store. 


Hope that helps!

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Hi @philiptod ,


When you focus on recovering carts with emails, it's important to subscribe them before they abandon their carts.


We worked with more than 300 Shopify stores, talked more than 500 e-commerce customers one-to-one. There are two kind of cart abandonment;

a. Hard Abandonment: People are leaving the checkout because technical problems, unexpected costs, concerns about shipping, product quality etc.
b. Soft Abandonment: People liked your product, added product to their cart but they just don't need urgently. They just think to "I'll buy it later"


This is a physiological issue and you need physiological triggers to fix this problem.


I explained details in here. You can check it to learn more.

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Checkout MarketingLib, a resource to follow up best practices.
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@mtufekyapan1 is right about the causes for abandoned carts that you can use to reduce the issue.


@PageFly-Theodor tips are also great! I'd like to add on to his last suggestion, where you can consider Shopify Apps that help you capture shopper intent and permissions even before items are added to cart. One such app is Wishlist Plus. You can check out this report to further understand how you can nudge your website browsers to action with relevant email flows based on their wishlist activity.  (p.s. With Wishlist Plus, you can also integrate this data with Omnisend so all your marketing lists and campaigns are unified)

I hope this helps!