What form app allows re-subscribing and tagging for existing customers?

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Okay team, I've been going around in circles for a couple of days now testing out Form builder apps and am struggling to find one that ticks all the boxes I need and I'm hoping for some suggestions form you all...


Here's what I'm after;

  1. Existing customers can complete the form and choose to re-subscribe to email marketing. (even if they have previously chosen to unsubscribe.)
  2. new customers should be created on form submission & subscribed
  3. A tag should be added to the customer

and really that's about it... shouldn't be too hard should it? 


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Hello @BryanPal 

Adding tags to subscribers is easy and is supported by most form builder apps.

About updating existing subscribes, it is limited by how Shopify form works. Form builder apps under the hood utilize Shopify form feature, not create on its own. So if Shopify form does not support, there is no workaround.


If you use a third party form service (Klaviyo, Mailchimp), they may offer more options.

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