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What is a good app for making a custom form that will send to a separate email?

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I am really struggling with this. I have been editing code for 2 days to try to get this to work and it is failing. 

I have one contact form on my site and it works just fine. The trouble has arisen when I wanted to make a second contact page with separate info request that went to a separate email.

I can't do it with code so I'm looking for an app, however, If I use an app, I do not want the form submission to be held on an external server like some of these form builder apps. It just simply needs to get sent to my email like the other one.

Any ideas?

I'm using the Debut theme, and editing the liquid file to make a separate template. If you want to see the gory technical details of my coding struggle you can go here:

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I think you could use JotForm. I hope it works for you 🙂 


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Thank you 🙂