What is the best bundle app for multiple collections and discounts?

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I am in desperate need of finding an app that works with bundling, the way that it should. I have installed and uninstalled over 30 apps and can not find one that works with the following:


1) Discount bundles of 3, 6, 9 etc. I don't want to discount a 4th item.
2) allow bundles from across several collections - Select by collections and not just product or varient. I have over 2500 products and it is time consuming. 
3) let the customer mix and match their bundles
4) Discount the lowest items only in the cart and not just the first 3 items placed in the cart. Example: if 4 times are in the cart and all four could fall within the 3 product bundle, I want the discount to hit the lowest priced of the 3 items. 
5) work with drawer pop up
6) allow discount codes to be used in addition to automatic discounts


Right now I am using the Discounts off shopify but it discounts everything after 3 in the cart that falls in the collections, so allows items 4 and 5 to be discounted when it is not part of a bundle of 3. I loved the Ultimate Discounts App but its only downside was it only worked with Cart and drawer, so I customer would lose its place and have to back track everytime it added an item to a cart. I am pulling my hair out trying to find the right app. Any suggestions?

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In situations like this a longer sloooower alternative is to build a list of all current bundling apps support emails and send a copy of the requirement to every single one.


An existing app fitting all those complex requirements for regular stores is very unlikely unless some random app's reps happen to stumble in.


#4's behavior , discount lowest first, is probably the crux most app short listing rotates around. So some may have your other features but not #4, some will have #4 but not others, etc.


Consider simplifying your model otherwise you most likely need to establish a ROI and build a custom app or theme customization.

Or if revenue would justify it just switch to shopify Plus to be able to access checkout-scripts solving problems most of those problems.


A middle road without building a complete app is automation apps like usemechanic can be scripted to manipulate discount codes,  or create checkout items in a draft order using custom complex business logic; then you swap the checkouts when the customer clicks checkout:


If you need this option you can contact me(info in sig) but know it's upfront cost for complexity can be comparable to developing a small app with the trade off being a quicker turn around and not having to maintain your own servers,etc.



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Hi @Lindsey_Stoeckl,


This is Victor from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App. Based on your question, I think you should try Bundler by Goldendev, or Widebundle.


I can’t assure you that all of your requests can be met with these apps, but they are very easy to customize. You can always reach out to their support team for further assistance.


I hope this will be helpful for you. 


Best regards,

Victor | PageFly Team

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I suggest you try All in One Automatic Discount App. Developers help you to setup complex discounts & discounted pricing. 



All in one Automatic Discounts App

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Hi @Lindsey_Stoeckl, Simple Discounts should work well for your requirements. 

1. You can set the exact number of items the discount should be applied to. E.g. if only bundles in multiples of 3 should get the discount, the 4th one won't but if they add two more and get 6, the discount will be applied twice. 

2. You can select up to 8 collections so the customer can choose from any of the collections you choose to create that bundle. 

3. They can mix and match however they like as long as they buy within those collections and specific counts of the items (as detailed in 1 and 2) 

4. Always discounts the lowest item 

5. We haven't tried with drawer pop up but I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't work since we're simply applying a discount code / an automatic discount

6. You can choose if you want to use a code or automatic discount 


Hope that helps. It should take you no time to set up but if you ever do need some help, let me know! 

Co-founder at Freshly Commerce ️ | Building Simple Bundles, Simple Discounts, and Freshly Inventory