What multi-user shipping software integrates best with Shopify?

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Hi Everyone!


Hoping the community can help us out! We're a small business looking for a multi-user shipping software that intergated with Shopify. We currently have 3 employees that fulfill orders and we want to move away from everyone having access to our store so we're looking into 3rd party apps.


Our favorite thing is Shopifys ability to tell when an order was fulfilled, when a label was purchased and by who. We have used Shippo for a little but the information they offer regarding fulfillment is seriously lacking, and i've noticed the timestamped data pushed through to Shopify doesn't always match when a shipment is completed. 

Long story short, ISO a shipment software (offers discount shipping rates) that shows fulfilment information, or timestamped data that's designed for multiple users. Is this a unicorn?! Can anyone help?



Thanks all!

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Hi Szacharuk,


It sounds like the existing shipping apps aren't meeting your needs. As a fellow small business owner, I can understand why you might be frustrated when the tools available are lacking.


I'd like to learn more about the problem you're trying to solve. Can you answer these questions?


  1. Have you used any shipping apps besides Shippo?
  2. What information is Shippo lacking regarding fulfillment? It sounds like you're looking for highly accurate shipping data.
  3. When you say you're looking for an app with discounted shipping rates, how does that work? Does the app company have an agreement with carriers like USPS, UPS, etc.? Or do the carriers give you a discount based on the volume you're shipping?

If you can provide this information, I can help you either find a more suitable app, or even build one myself if nothing is available.


As far as an app that supports multiple users - if you're looking for an app that directly integrates with your staff's Shopify accounts, you'll have to be Shopify Plus or Advanced, as these are the only plans that let apps access your staff members.




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Hey @Szacharuk to the points above, you can limit the staff account within Shopify so the sensitive information is not present to that staff account - this Shopify guide might help to understand different roles and permissions a staff account has. 


Also, if you were not satisfied with Shippo, you might try just working within Shopify shipping directly which has pre-negotiated rates with a few carriers. 


If those options don't work out you can try SKUSavvy fulfillment app which is built for Shopify and communicates in near real-time on order status/tracking. SKUSavvy is a warehouse & inventory management system in addition to fulfillment so it may be more than what you are looking for but it will do everything you are talking about in addition to purchases, inventory control, bin locations, barcode scanning, fulfillment and shipping of orders. 



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