What's the best AI tool for product photography editing?

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Hello community!

I'm new in the world of e-commerce, and I'm selling accessories like armbands, watches, and other small items. I am searching for good solutions for product photography.

It's much harder to take good photos of small accessories, lighting and angles can be tricky. Professional photoshoots are way too  costly for the frequency  of new products every week.

I'm wondering if anyone else has faced similar challenges when it comes to product photography for accessories. If so, how did you overcome them? Are there any specific AI digital tools for post processing that you found helpful or are using ?

Thanks in advance!

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Modern phone cameras can deliver good quality if you set up the lighting properly. You can use a table cloth for a white background. If you need specific lighting, you can find standing lights for sale online.
If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use Photoshop to mask out the product from the white background. Then you can add any background instead. Afterwards, you can use Lightroom, which has many different community presets for instant and automatic color grades. 

If you want help with the editing part, I can edit and color grade the products. All you would have to do is take the photo with any camera you have available and then send it over. 


Good luck!


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Hello. There is an AI app for that. It takes your product, and creates professional photoshoot images with AI models. It is called Booth. You can find it here.


I hope this helps. 

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Hi! We recently launched https://apps.shopify.com/weshop-ai-1 that would help with your product image generation. Feel free to take a look!

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Hi @technohub


I get it; small accessories can be tough to photograph. Lighting and angles are crucial, and professional shoots can be pricey.


For post-processing, consider Pixc's Lifestyle Photos app. It's AI-powered and can give your product images a pro touch without the hefty cost. The app can transform product photos into vibrant lifestyle shots that boost engagement and potentially increase sales.


Hope this helps! Feel free to reach us at hello@pixc.com for assistance. 





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