What's the best ambassador app for Shopify with comprehensive features?

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I am looking for an ambassador/rep application that we can link to our Shopify store.


We are currently using ShoutOut, having are finding that the app has some limitations so isn't working 100% for us.


We need the ability to:

add new reps

edit their accounts

mass pay their commission

view their commission over certain time periods

view their total orders

total order commission

partial refunds NOT to wipe the entire commission from their account


the reps to have their own landing page / dashboard complete with:

image gallery

their order commission totals

their code

their unique link

list of orders & order numbers

IMPORTANT - to show the products (in total) of what they have sold. (i.e purple bath bomb - 10, white bath bomb - 5)

helpful document section


Any recommendations would be great please 🙂


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Hi @Pippinsuds ,

you can use goaffpro app to integrate your affiliates to your store. they have a free plan too. it provides all these features you said above

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Hi @Pippinsuds ,

I created ConvertOut Affiliates & Ambassadors.

I think we have most of the features you need and I'm happy to work with you to make the rest happen. 

You can check it out on the app store: