What's the best app for bundling and shipping products on Shopify?

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Howdy all! I'm hoping someone can recommend an app or two that will enable some needed features on my new Shopify store. Here's the scenario... Our company sells automotive wheels, lots of them. When a particular style of wheel is discontinued and it is close to selling out, we need to be specific on how we sell them because they will no longer be available. For example: if we only have 4 left, they need to be sold together as a set. We don't want to be in a situation where we have 3 discontinued wheels in stock because they will never sell. So in that case I need to be able to list the set as a single package, or bundle as I understand it is called. I've seen a number of apps that allow you to create bundles but I'm not sure which one will do exactly what I need. For example: we don't want the individual wheels to be available for sale in less than a set of four. The bundle apps I've seen seem to still make the individual items available for sale. So we only want the bundle available, not the individual items that make up the bundle. Hope that makes sense.


I'd also like it to keep track of the inventory quantities. So if it sells out, it should no longer be available.


This also poses a challenge with shipping, because Shopify assumes that everything will ship in one box. That's not the case for automotive wheels. I need to be able to ship the items individually with separate labels, and I need it to accurately calculate shipping costs on the user's end when checking out, knowing that each item will ship individually. Also, I'd like to be able to ship with FedEx but that doesn't seem to be an option by default.


Is there an app or a combination of apps that will manage all that for us? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Hi @uploadfailed,


For creating bundles check out some of the bundle apps here. I hope one or the other will meet your requirement: https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=bundle%20products


And I do understand the shipping complexity related to your business. As you correctly said, with Shopify, you cannot ship items individually as Shopify assumes that everything will ship in one box. To solve this scenario Shopify Ship, Rate, Track for FedEx will be your ideal solution. The app comes with a unique box packing feature that calculates your product dimensions and assigns the right box for it. So, you can configure your products' dimensions and the FedEx boxes will get assigned to them. If you can want you can also create your own custom boxes. Besides, the app allows you to display accurate shipping costs at the checkout & generate labels per package. And may I know where are you shipping from?

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Hello @Anindita, Thank you so much for the advice. I actually already had my eye on that FedEx app. So your comments help solidify the decision to go with that option. Thanks for that. We are shipping out of Tempe, Arizona, USA, so I won't be able to take advantage of the free option, but that's ok. It costs money to do business, right? 🙂


I'm not sure which way to go on the bundle app though. So many options. I guess I just need to dig in and try some out. Thanks again.

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@uploadfailed Thanks, you can try the app with the free trial and see if it works for you or not! You can contact the PluginHive support team for further assistance on this.

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Hi @uploadfailed 


Regarding bundles app, you can try Bundle Product BOGO Bundles

With this app, you can create various bundle types like Quantity break bundle, Multiple product bundle, Free Gift bundle, BOGO, Mix & Match bundle 

For example: 

  • Buy a bundle of 4 wheels get 10% discount OFF

  • Buy A+B for $50, 2A +B for $55.

  • Buy from 2 to 4 items, get a $20 discount amount.

  • etc

quantity break bundle.png

Hope that my suggestion is helpful for you.

Happy selling! 

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Thanks for the reply, @AllFetch. Unfortunately that's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm not actually sure that what I'm looking for actually exists. I'm looking to create a product/package/bundle (whatever it's called) that contains 4 wheels. No more, no less. The user should not be able to change the quantities, unless they want to buy 2 bundles, then it would be 8 wheels (although not sure why anyone would do that). The individual wheels that make up the bundle should not be sellable individually, only as sets of 4. So when the user clicks 'add to cart' it ads the bundle product, not the individual items in the bundle. But then it needs to be smart enough to calculate shipping when the user checks out, knowing that each item will ship separately. So it will need to know each individual product's weight, and probably dimensions if I'm going to use FedEx. 

The bundle product needs to also have it's own price, independent of the prices of the individual items. So it shouldn't be calculated by adding the bundle item prices together, it should just have it's own set price.

Am I looking for the impossible?


Note: I'm not asking you specifically @AllFetch, but to anyone reading this thread. 🙂

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Hi! We recently published an article on apps that are used by the top 100 Shopify stores that can be helpful for others as well, perhaps it contains some useful information for you as well. 


Among other categories we have also made an overview of order management and fulfillment apps (e.g Recharge (subscriptions/payments), Signifyd (fraud protection) and MinMaxify) and upselling/crossselling apps (e.g. Geolizr (geo targeting), Recomatic (product recommendations) and Bold Sales Motivator (upselling).


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This is Mahi from Fast Bundle. I have read your issue and I think that our app is capable to meet your need.

We developed Fast Bundle with product bundling features such as Volume discount, Standard bundle that may be a feasible solution for you.


FastBundleApp_0-1643548109856.png          FastBundleApp_1-1643548127808.png



By using these features you can bundle 4 of your automotive wheels and choose to apply a type of discount on your bundle or without any discount (you can determine more than 4 number of wheels or less on your bundles.) 

Note that you can use all the features of our app without paying money.


Hope you enjoy, 


Fast Bundle


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Hi there,

Not sure if you've found something already but I believe Orderbot can help with this


Check us out - www.orderbot.com 🙂

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Hello @uploadfailed,

I'm Camila from Simple Bundles & Kits, and I'm glad to let you know that with our app, you can create multipacks of 4, 8, 12, or more if needed for your clients and still be able to track the inventory as you need it. What’s more, you can sell the wheels exclusively through the bundle and avoid selling them individually.

Here's a video walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcqm08_F9CY&ab_channel=FreshlyCommerce.

The bundle looks like a typical product page, and the items in that set are associated with the single product (in your case, the wheels) so that inventory is accurately managed. This should take only a few minutes to set up, and our team will gladly help you!

Also, considering you need help with fulfillment and have different shipping labels, I found this article that could be of help to you: https://egnition.io/a/answers/inventory/how-to-split-orders-on-shopify.

Although it's been a long time since you posted this, I wanted to share this with you and anyone looking for a bundle app.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team!

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