What's the best app for creating customized gift boxes?

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Hello there!


I have a gift box company I have just launched and I want to include a build your own gift box function. I know there are a few questions already like this but they are from a few years ago.


Can anyone recommend the best app to do this? I foresee about 3 or 4 steps.


1. Pick your box/balloon

2. Pick your products

3. Pick your gift card

4. Pick any personalisation ( there is different types of personalisation required depending on whether it is a gift box of a gift balloon).


Also I actually already use Easify for product variants with my pre curated gifts. Is there an app that may sync well with this also? 



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Hi @LittleGiftiesNZ,

I'd be happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your "Build Your Own Gift Box" function. Could you please share any reference websites that currently have this feature? This will help us better understand your requirements and tailor our approach accordingly 🤗.

If the Easify Product Options app aligns with your needs, I will prepare a demo for you. Additionally, if there are specific customizations needed to better suit your needs, we are open to discussing those possibilities.

For any reason, the Easify app doesn't fully address your needs, we can help identify alternative apps that complement Easify, ensuring a seamless integration to meet all your needs.

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Yes sure thing. Please see the Box Fox build your own example https://boxfox.com/


If you go to Build a Box Fox, this is essentially what I want to be able to do!

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Hi @LittleGiftiesNZ did you find an app that could do this? If not I'd love to develop one for you!




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Hello ! Did you able to find the app for the build a box section?

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Hello @begum1 !


We've just launched Boxi (Box Builder). It's a free app that lets customers build a box.


We're currently collecting feedback to make it even better. If you're interested, give it a try and let us know what features would make it easier for your customers to create their own bundles more easily.


Kind regards,


ISBNExpress: Books Importer - import books by ISBN into your bookstore.
Boxi: Bundle Box Builder - create custom box builders.
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I am looking for apps that can help customize everything from inside and outside. Single product and boxes including. Can you give suggestion? I am planning to move one of my customized gift: https://allcustomizedgifts.com to shopify. Please suggest. Wordpress doesn't have any plugin to support. Looking for best answers so that I can move my site to shopify platform.