What's the best app for customizing eBay listings from Shopify?

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Hi. We are looking to export 100+ products from Shopify to our eBay shop however the app we are using now Codisto works good but we would prefer an app where we can create a custom template so when they are listed on eBay it shows our logo and professional template. Can anyone recommend a good app for this?

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Josh here from Codisto.


Codisto actually allows you to use custom templates. You can refer to this guide for instructions.


If you're having any trouble at all with this functionality, you can contact Codisto Support any time by clicking on the Support button found at the lower-right portion of the app or any of the help articles, or by sending an email to support@codisto.com or marketplace-connect@shopify.com. It'll be our pleasure to assist you in making sure your eBay listings use your custom templates through the app.