What's the best app for entry forms with dynamic rules and multiple payment options?

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Hi Team,

Looking for some help and guidance. I have a client that runs a motorsport event company and runs multiple car events over a year.

Currently, we are using RS forms on a joomla CMS but are looking to change this to Shopify to take full advantage of it payment gateways where RSFORM is limited to only paypal and a few others.

Does anyone have a great recommendation for an app (possible form generator) that would be great for this....

What I need is dynamic rules, file/image upload, payment integration with Shopify standard payments also LAYBUY and AFTERPAY and allow for multiple forms on the one site for different entities.

Here is an example of the form currently being used on the Jommla CMS GTR EVENT ENTRY .

Any advice is appreciated. 


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I am looking for something similar, did  you ever find an app that met these needs? Thank you!