What's the best app for managing a local pickup, subscription meal service?

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I'm looking for some help on which app or approach I should take when building out my store front


Background - we are building a weekly subscription meal service plan with local pickup options. The customer picks which day of the week they want a recurring meal, and which location they want to pick it up from. Example: Customer 1 wants their weekly meal on Tuesdays at the Austin location, and Customer 2 wants their weekly meal on Thursdays at the Dallas location.


I started by building this with a subscription app (Appstle) but have found the notification customization limiting - (ex. send a notification to that they're order will be ready for pickup at Thursday 5pm at [location address].


A second path I'm trying to figure out if it will work is to use a calendar booking app, but need one that has recurring appointment (subscription) capabilities. I would imagine this route has those types of customer communications built into the platform. Does anyone have a recommendation? 


Is there another option I'm not thinking of or that someone can recommend to me?

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Some other potential options:

  • Trying other subscription apps, it's possible 1 has more flexible notification options
  • Looking for an app that integrates with Appstle, that specifically handles notifications.