What's the best app for managing subscription box inventory?

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Hey beautiful people, 


can anyone recommend an app to manage subscription box inventory ? 

to track items of each box that are in stock - sales, incoming, outgoing etc. 

to give you a little example, we ship a box a month that contains 6-8 items. so On shopify it's sold as 1 item, and we need to keep a track of the items that are IN the box and it's incoming/outgoing/damaged/lost etc.

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I think you have to break down the box into individual items and track the inventory of these items. If you are selling them as a box, only the inventory of the box can be tracked.

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We are having the exact same issue right now. The part that is hard to manage is that the items in the box change each month, and are sometimes customized for the customers preferences. I am thinking we need to treat the items in the box as 'Raw Materials' somehow and manage them on a metafield level. Still trying to wrap my head around it and find a solution.