What's the best app for pay-what-you-want digital music downloads?

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    I'm a musician who is looking for a way to offer "pay what you want" to my digital download customers. Does anyone have any idea what app or apps would be the best choice for that? I am especially looking for a digital download app that offers the option to preview the audio before purchase.. As well as a "pay what you want" app that can work with it. Or better yet an app that offers both.


Please get back to me with any possible options



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I don't think you will find one app with all those features but a combination may work. I'm sure there are digital download apps that allow previews and handle delivery etc but to do pay what you want, donation style payments you might need to use a third party service ie paypal, crypto, or some other means then embed a widget into your website.

There may be apps for that but I am not aware of any. For the previews you could also just upload previews to website then put buy buttons below etc.

One other option, may not be ideal or as professional as you'd like but you could use something like buymeacoffee and direct people there to purchase, it is designed for creators and donation style payments. I think it could be embedded as well actually. Good luck!

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Hi @Rel,

I have a great solution for you using the free Easify Product Attachments and Easify Product Options apps. This will allow you to upload a preview video and offer a "pay what you want" custom option for your digital products 🤗.


Follow this quick guide to set it up:

Step 1: Install and Configure Easify Product Attachments

  • Create a new attachment for your audio preview. You can either upload the file from your computer or provide a link to it.



  • Associate this attachment with the relevant product(s) to showcase the audio preview. 



  • Add an icon for your audio preview if you want:



  • Access your product template on your theme and add the attachment block.



  • Ensure to activate the app on your theme, and your setup is now complete.

Step 2: Install and Configure Easify Product Options

  • Create a new option set:



  • Integrate the "Quantity" option type to present the "Pay what you want" choice. This allows your customers to input the amount they wish to pay for your digital product. You can set a price for each quantity, e.g., 1 quantity entered equals $1.



  • Associate this custom option with your digital product:



Step 3: Review the Final Results

Once the setup is complete, customers will now be able to access a preview video through the Easify Product Attachments and choose their desired payment amount using the "Pay what you want" feature enabled by the Easify Product Options.

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