What's the best app for syncing Quickbooks with e-commerce platforms?

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Does anyone have good experience with a straight forward app to sync shopify to quickbooks? It is so painful. I was using the Bold Apps one for a few years, but it randomly breaks down, and I am missing data. I need something that sends payout info & tax info. I don't need all the product details or shipping details. And I don't want to spend a fortune - 

Help please??!!

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Hi, i think you should read Shopify APIs Documents at here: https://shopify.dev/api

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There are about 15 QuickBooks integration apps: https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=quickbooks


Most of them have pretty good reviews, so I think you'll be able to find one that works for your store and budget.

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Greetings @Christina_Bergs,

The CartSpan Accounting Integration for Shopify can reliably accomplish what you are asking for if you are using any version of desktop QuickBooks (Enterprise/Premium/Pro).  CartSpan is not listed in the Shopify Apps exchange as it is a native MS Windows-based application (like your QB) that installs on your desktop and uses Shopify's Admin API to retrieve orders.  Without getting too far 'down into the weeds', what I believe makes CartSpan more robust/reliable, is that is does not utilize QB's Web Connector to execute the back-and-forth communications between systems. 


By default, CartSpan does bring in a complete Invoice, Order, or Receipt; So, you will  get all of the product detail for the transaction.  If you don't really need all of this in your system on a customer-by-customer basis, you could certainly point all transactions to common 'Customer Name' to avoid bloat in the accounting system.  


CartSpan has lots of useful features that people often didn't know they could utilize.  Just in the area of tax that you mention, CartSpan has a feature that can rollback tax by marketing channel for those channels that collect and remit tax for you.  


Given that product detail isn't really a concern for you, CartSpan also offers a feature that allows you to point every line-item to a common 'Item Name' during the import.  This could be a simple non-stock item that doesn't mess with your inventory, but still allows you to record sales.  


Feel free to call me for a no-pressure conversation to better determine if CartSpan will meet all of your key business requirements.  My contact number is posted at the very top of the CartSpan website.



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A2X is what we use with our accounting clients. It sends over summarized transactions into QuickBooks Online.


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Have you had any issues with using A2X and Quickbooks Online?  Has it simplified the accounting process?

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I use bookkeep for some of my client or Quickbooks Connector for free integration. 

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Hi Christina!  Our app, WeIntegrate, is brand new to the Shopify App Store.  We automate the sync between Shopify and QBO instantly and very accurately. We offer a free 15-day trial to kick our tires before committing.  Feel free to reach out to me for any further assistance.






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Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
Go to the Apps section, then find and install Shopify Connector by Intuit.
Select Connect.
You will then be redirected to the Connections tab in QuickBooks Connector (OneSaas). Select Connect to Shopify.
A new page will pop up on your screen, and it will ask you to enter the domain URL. Once done, select Connect to Shopify.
Sign in to your Shopify store.
Your Shopify account is now connected and authorized with your QuickBooks Connector file.


Also, if you want seamless integration, you can contact any QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting provider which can help you with integration.

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Thanks John, I'm going to try this.  Once you make the connection using Quickbooks Connector, I assume there are some steps you go through to select how items / fields are catagorized in quickbooks?  Is there a way to to a test connect, for example to send along a few sales receipts to quickbooks to test that it's working properly?  Does it send a long a sales receipt for each order or does it send one for each day?

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We are having issues with our QuickBooks connector app since we switched to the new version of quickbooks enterprise... Shopify is still trying to talk to the old version.  Can anyone help us, neither intuit or shopify have been any help.