What's the best app for tracking and booking yoga classes?

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Does anyone know of an app that does memberships & bookings for fitness/yoga classes? 


Im looking for an app that would allow someone to purchase, say a 1 day, 5, 10, 15 class pass, and then allow them to book as they'd like, while the app keeps track of their current memberships/available passes.


Im currently using Tipo, which is good for booking and scheduling, but only allows people to book one class a time. 



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Hi @artizenoils ,


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Regarding this concern, you could check out Appointment Booking App by SidePanda, I see the app has the feature enabling customers to book multiple days at a time. 


Hope my suggestion would be helpful!


Best of luck!

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Hey there,

Nemanja here from Shopbooster apps.

We have launched Schedula app for yoga online classes.


Try it here: https://apps.shopify.com/schedula-booking-appointment

Please let me know if it fits for you.




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Hello @artizenoils, I know that this post is old but I wonder if you end up finding something for the use case you described, I'm currently trying to find the same a customer sells classes packs (10, 20, 30, etc) and I need an app (or apps) that allow their customers to book sessions and keep track of how many the have left.


I would be extremely grateful of any pointer that could guide me in that direction.

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I unfortunately had to leave Shopify to go onto Square and use their Acuity
App which is incredibly useful. I could not find a single solution or app
on Shopify.

If you wanted to do drop ins, Tipo Appointment was the app I used here, but
it does not allow for packages unfortunately.

Good luck!
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hello!! Ive been searching non stop for a solution, have you figured it out? 
Would really appreciate the info, don´t want to switch to squarespace. 

Thank you 🙂