What's the best app to track color variant stock quantities?

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I would like to have colour options for my products and also track quantities available for each colour. What is the best (and easiest) add on app for this?

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Thank you so much. I'll look into these right away.

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Hello @hzcurri 
Have you got the solution? If not then the Inkybay app can be a solution for you.
You’ve X amount of T-shirts in different colors and you’re offering customization on those products. With the Inkybay app you and assign colors to your product and those color options will appear on the product page. and for tracking customized product inventory, you can use the Inkybay app’s inventory system. This app also has vast customization features. With its own inventory system, it tracks the custom product. For example, you’ve 6 color products in your inventory. Your customer customizes the product and places an order for one quantity of the product through our app then the stock for that product will be deducted from 6 to 5.
Also, you can set the inventory for stop selling where you can set an amount where the selling will be automatically stopped, you don’t need to interfere there each time. updating the stock for each combination of customized products with the app is also easy. With this app, you can assign prices on every customizing feature and the customer can experience real-time pricing while customizing the product. You can get the order file through this app in four different formats. It offers 21 days of free trial so that you can play around with all the customizing features and decide whether you want to use it or not. Here is a Demo product and Demo store to explore more features.
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Hi @hzcurri ,


This is Victor from PageFly Landing Page Builder. Nice to talk to you!

Almost product options and customizer apps can meet your need. If you haven't found the app you want yet, here are some of my suggestions so you can give them a shot:

  • Product Options and Customizer
  • Hulk Product Options
  • Infinite Options

The above apps have free trials so feel free to test them on your store before deciding to buy. 

Hope it helps!

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Thank you for replying

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Hi @hzcurri,

If your product options are limited to colors, you can easily manage this within Shopify itself. You can create default Shopify options and variants, assigning quantities to each variant. For instance, you can set up a "Color" option with multiple variants like Black, White, Red, and more. No additional app is required for this scenario.



However, it's worth noting that Shopify has certain limitations – you can only have up to 3 options and 100 variants per product. If you find yourself exceeding these limits, you may want to consider using a third-party app, like the Easify Product Options app, to bypass these restrictions 🤗.

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