What's the best date picker app for the Sense theme?

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Hi team


I am an online florist and using the Sense free theme and had downloaded Bloom as my datepicker app and Coly to add a message at checkout for this - after playing round with a couple, these seemed most user friendly.

 I thought I was ready to go with my website however my 'Add to Cart' button on all products will not work. Only the direct 'Buy with Shop Pay' 

I have changed the cart settings to 'Page' and I haven't made any changes to any codes so I am assuming that there is a clash with the apps.

Can anyone suggest any work arounds/other apps? I need a date picker and ability to enter a message for the card. I'd rather not upgrade my theme as I am happy with how my website looks and functions other than the above.


Thanks 🙂

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Hello @blossflowers ,


Uninstall the app or ask the app support to fix the conflict.

Alternatively skip the app. Hire a developer and ask him to add a date picker without an app and without a conflict.



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Hi @blossflowers,

For your floral store's requirements, you can effortlessly incorporate both a Date Picker and a Text Field for card messages using the Easify Product Options app 🤗.

To help you visualize how this can work for your florist store, here's a quick demo of the app:

  • Storefront:
scrnli_9_11_2023_9-24-53 AM.png


  • App settings:


Give it a try 🙌!

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