What's the optimal way to manage wholesale orders on Dawn theme?

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Hi, what is the best solution doing wholesale in Shopify? Currently I am using Dawn theme + B2B Wholesale Club. With Wholesale Club customers are able to submit orders without paying (we'll send an invoice), but it does not have enough functions: such as handling orders, invoices and claims. We want to have a good looking wholesale shop with customer's being able to see their orders / returns / invoices from their account information.


Thankful for all tips.



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For a comprehensive wholesale solution on Shopify that includes handling orders, invoices, and claims, you might want to consider the following:

1. Wholesale Apps:
- Bold Custom Pricing: Offers tiered pricing, minimum/maximum quantities, and custom discounts. It integrates well with Dawn theme.
- Wholesale Hero: Provides a dedicated wholesale storefront with order history, invoices, and account management.

2. Account Management Features:
- Customer Account: Leverage Shopify's built-in customer account features to allow customers to see their orders, returns, and invoices. Ensure the theme supports this functionality.

3. Invoicing:
- QuickBooks Online: If you use QuickBooks, there are apps like "QuickBooks Online" that can sync your Shopify orders, helping with invoicing.

4. Handling Returns:
- Returnly: A robust solution for handling returns. It integrates with Shopify and offers a seamless return process for customers.

5. Claims Management:
- Zendesk: For a more comprehensive approach, Zendesk can help manage customer claims and inquiries efficiently.

6. Custom Development:
- If you have specific needs not met by existing apps, consider custom development to tailor the solution to your exact requirements.

When integrating apps, always check for compatibility with your Dawn theme and test in a staging environment before deploying to your live store. Additionally, reach out to the app developers or Shopify support for any specific questions regarding features and compatibility.

Remember to assess the pricing, features, and reviews of each app to determine the best fit for your wholesale requirements. If you have more specific needs, feel free to share for a more tailored recommendation.

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Hello @Daaniel,


You can consider these apps for wholesale:

- Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale by Bold
With its help, you can create several pricing levels for products, tag customers manually or automatically to give them different pricing and offer different discounts for different groups of products. Customers simply need to login into their approved wholesale account and discounts will be applied automatically.


- Volume & Tiered Discounts by HulkApps
With its help, you can create bulk pricing, quantity breaks, product discounts and tiered pricing sales. It works across the entire product catalog and offers unlimited groups of tiered discounts for different products and collections, at a fixed discount amount or a percentage.


- Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder by Wholesale Helper
It creates a single page order form with the entire product list. Both B2B and retail customers can use this form to add multiple products to their carts. This is a great option for stores with frequent or wholesale customers who already know what they want to purchase.


If nothing meets your needs, there is always a way to develop a custom solution.

Please, let me know if you need any assistance.



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