Where can I got this feature? (Bundle app)

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Hey everyone, 


Need some help here. I saw this feature on a website and now I'm trying to find what app that can do the same for me or if this is a build-in function in a theme. It's a Shopify website.

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My bundle app, BYOB, can offer similar features to build custom bundles. It allows setting conditions for multiple collections.

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Hi @reyrr 

I believe Bundle Kit does exactly what you need!

Our layout is not exactly like your example, however, customer will see each bundle as a Standalone Product (see an example below).

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Bundle Kit tracks the inventory levels of the bundle and the individual bundled items as they are sold in real-time to prevent overselling.

You can also build a bundle with multiple selectable variants each containing different products of different quantities.

You can try the app for free at: https://apps.shopify.com/bundle-kit

Hope this helps!