Where do you find users for Shopify app testing?

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Where do you find users for app testing?

I'd like to do extensive testing on a Shopify app with real users

For example I can give the premium app for free in exchange for detailed feedback

(not trying to sale anything)

Thank you for your insight

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Hi John-store, 

We were in the same boat a few months ago. We started by asking friends who have a Shopify store for help & feedback and got the first app review. From there it kick-started our organic growth on the app store. We are now still getting valuable feedback from our customers (being a survey app ourselves we have also our service built into our app). We always actively reach out to our users (especially those who filled out our feedback form) and ask for a 30-minute qualitative interview / feedback session. This really help guide our next steps in product development based on actual customer needs. 

Hope this helps! 

Amee | Gojiberry Team 

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Shopify Community is helpful, BUT... why not start asking your customers for feedback instead?

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Thank you Amee