Which app can best help manage orders for same and next day delivery?

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Hello everyone!


I'm new to setting up a Shopify store and I have a question.


Is there an app available that can help us efficiently manage our orders, both for the same day delivery day and the next day?


Ideally, we would like to have a centralized view of all our orders on a single page, organized by the day they are to be delivered.

Additionally, we want to empower our staff to easily update and monitor the status of each order. It would be great if they could label orders as 'Received', 'In Progress', 'Out for Delivery', or 'Delivered' to ensure clear communication and smooth workflow.


Furthermore, we're looking for a way to label orders based on their delivery method. For example, we'd like to categorize orders with specific delivery postcodes as 'Central Delivery', 'Far Delivery', or 'DPD Delivery'.

To illustrate, we handle local deliveries within London ourselves, while relying on DPD for nationwide deliveries to other postcodes and cities. In this scenario, it would greatly benefit our staff to quickly identify and prioritize 'Next Day Orders' that are labeled as 'DPD', enabling them to prepare for collection and processing in advance.


If anyone has any suggestions or guidance on how we can achieve these requirements, we would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you all in advance!




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Shopify Partner
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Did you find a solution for this?
We have an App that allows you to create custom views so you can manage orders the way you need to. This is the App:

If you wish, we could hop on a call and go over your specific use case, if we need to implement something else in order to make the App work for you, we can certainly do it.