Which app can help design and price car decals and stickers?

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Im trying to create a store where i sell decals for cars and stickers

i need some kind of product option app where i can make 3 options

1: size (height)
1 CM
2 CM
3 CM

4 CM

5 CM

Custom size

2: Quantity







Custom Quantity

3. upload design.

I then need to price to change everytime i change the quantity or size..

does there also exist an app where i can make a price pr. letter in an option example decals for a car. called 0,2$ pr letter or smth like that

Hope someone can help! 

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Hi @IanMJ 


For your case, we suggest you use our Product & Variants Options app

- With the app, you can create the unlimited options

- Also, with the request that the price varies by size and quantity, the app has a Price add-ons feature that can meet your requirement.

I hope that you will find it useful.

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Hello @IanMJ, Have you got the solution? As you want to add different options on your product page along with the upload design option then you can try the Inkybay app.


The Inkybay app offers the “Product Options” feature. With this feature, you can add as many options as you want. You can display those options in drop-down, radio, swatch, and check box. For the swatch images, it’ll also preview on the product page. It’s possible to assign the price to each option and the price will be added to the base price when any option is selected by the customer. So, you can add options for choosing Size, Quantity along with custom input. Not only this, if you want to assign a price per letter that is possible too with this app.


The information of all options will be available in the order files also. You can get the order files through the app in four different formats PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG.


This app provides great customer support and they provide services in many ways like live chat, email, ticket, and live meetings also.


You’ll get 21 days of free trial for going through all the customization features. Here is the Demo Product.


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Hi @IanMJ,

Easify Product Options, featuring 26 display types, is the ideal solution to seamlessly cater to your specific requirements. This versatile app empowers you to effortlessly establish Size, Quantity, and Upload options, while also facilitating the addition of extra charges for each Size and Quantity option. Also, you can add an option for calculating the price per custom quantity.

Here's a brief walkthrough to set up your options 😊:

  • Install the app and initiate a new option set.
  • Add a Size options section, utilizing a suitable option type like Buttons. Populate your Size option values with associated extra prices.



  • Add a text field for customers to input custom sizes if they choose "Custom Size" in the preceding Size options, employing the Text Box option type.




  • Add a Quantity options segment, employing an appropriate option type such as Dropdown. Specify your Quantity option values along with corresponding extra prices.



  • Add a field for customers to input custom quantities if they select "Custom Quantity" in the previous Quantity options, using the Quantity option type. Here, you can set price for each quantity so the price for custom quantity entered by customers will be automatically calculated.





  • Add the File Upload option type for customers to upload their design.



Once your option set is configured, simply choose the relevant stickers products to apply it to, and your setup is complete.


Easify Product Options: Create custom product options 10X faster & easier!
Easify Product Attachments: Effortlessly add downloadable PDF files (or any other format) to Shopify pages!
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